Monday :: Jul 17, 2006

Luntz Thinks Hillary Could Win In 2008

by Steve

I have three pieces for you to read on possible 2008 Democratic contenders today, starting with a story about Indiana Senator Evan Bayh taking a swipe at John Edwards and his focus on poverty. Bayh says the party needs to pay more attention to the middle class if it wants to win the White House in 2008. Bayh suggests things like $6,000 tax credits for college expenses, a plan to cut health care premiums, and ways to boost retirement savings, again all aimed at the middle class.

Second, note the dead-on assessment of Russ Feingold in Iowa this past weekend, when he said Democrats should stop being afraid to be anti-war and to take a stand. Feingold got a good reception as you might have expected.

Lastly, in the most interesting piece, the New York Daily News got GOP message guru Frank Luntz of all people to give Hillary advice on how to win in 2008. This is the latest warning from some in the GOP that Hillary is to be feared in 2008, and that the GOP risks peril if it eagerly looks forward to a Hillary nomination. Luntz lays out four things that Hillary needs to do to win in 2008:

1. Be yourself, stop moving rightward and sounding religious;

2. Stop sounding negative and critical of the GOP and start convincing voters you can address real problems;

3. Be more candid, unpredictable, and poke fun at yourself (amen);

4. Speak from the heart like your husband and stop sounding so cold and smart.

You can take issue with Luntz, but it is clear from his column that he respects Hillary’s abilities and seems to reinforce what McCain and others have said recently that she would be very tough in 2008.

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