Monday :: Jul 17, 2006

Meanwhile, Back In The Other Quagmire . . .

by Steve

The Sunnis, seeing that the new Iraqi government and its security forces are not inclined to stop the sectarian violence against them by Shiite militias, have decided now that they want the Americans to stay awhile and protect them. And failing that, they’ll just keep on blowing up scores of Shiites themselves, as another three US troops are killed today. For his part, al-Sadr sounds like he is about to turn his forces loose against the “occupiers” in the wake of the attacks in Lebanon.

Despite this turnaround by the Sunnis, Democrats are still well positioned to hit the GOP with a resolution calling for “no permanent bases, no permanent troops”, which can shift the debate away from the GOP “cut and run” frame and towards an “Iraq is not our 51st state” frame. Democrats can also demand to know why the Bush Administration was too flummoxed to see the Iran/Hezbollah preemption coming, and too preoccupied to set in motion the regional conference on Iraq’s future that everyone, including the Iraqis wants except the Bush Administration.

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