Tuesday :: Jul 18, 2006

Foreign Policy By Frat Boys

by Steve

Image courtesy of Mash at DailyKos

While the Frat Boy-in-Chief dawdles, Israel says that the attacks against Lebanon will continue for possibly another couple of weeks, or at least until the IDF finishes destroying its list of Hezbollah targets that have been on the shelf for five years, waiting for a triggering event like the one Iran just gave them. Iran, for its part, while denying that it had a role in the matter, says in the next breath that no part of Israel will be safe.

Bush won’t intervene, if at all, until the IDF has checked off its list of targets. Yet this sad episode is the culminating death and discrediting of Bush’s “spread democracy” focus these last several years. John Kerry was right in 2004: you can't talk about spreading democracy until you have established basic security, a respect for law, and a commitment to economic and social justice in the region. Bush and Karl Rove were too intent on acting like Woodrow Wilson to care.

The United States has eviscerated any usable framework from which to act as the honest broker, and has become a pathetic and intentionally impotent bystander in the region thanks to an occupation that has spun out of control and has sapped our military and moral influence in the region. Yet the 101st Fighting Keyboarders want their next war with Syria and Iran, and let someone else’s kids die for them again, while the Democrats fail to forcefully attack those who gave us the Iraq debacle as mentally and intellectually unfit to steer us into another debacle. Democrats are failing to show voters that the same policy and people who gave us an occupation that will be dictated by 2008 politics have also abdicated leadership necessary to engage all parties in regional solutions.

In fact, the only thing Bush seems capable of lately is embarrassing this country and making an ass out of himself on the world stage. And while Bush rushes back from his latest international embarrassment to veto the stem cell bill tomorrow, one wonders if the region will stay intact long enough for Israel to lay waste to Lebanon and our all-too-evident cruise ship evacuation to take place safely.

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