Wednesday :: Jul 19, 2006

Open Question

by Duckman GR

What has bush done that would deserve respect, that would indicate competence and inspire confidence in his presidential abilities?

Once again he demonstrates he can't take care of Americans, even though that's his top priority, to keep us safe, right? This evacuation isn't like Katrina, it is Katrina, but this time it's not a natural disaster no one could have predicted, but warfare no one could have predicted.

Look, he failed to protect us on 9/11 before, during, and after, since he was, respectively, playing cowboy at his fake ranch; hypnotized by My Pet Goat; and too busy mortgaging our future for his corporate controllers via tax cuts, open season on the environment and business regulations, Unions and American Labor in general, and a determined effort to replace People references in the Constitution with Corporate references. Gee, that sounds like the same script during Katrina except that My Pet Goat was replaced by Golf and Fundraising

His performance at the G8 is par for the course, he's an embarrassment and totally unsuited for the job, and he's demonstrated that fact from day one of his stolen Presidency. Why anyone unallied to him would do anything except heap scorn and abuse on him and his policies and actions escapes me. He's done nothing to deserve the respect of the office, and I challenge anyone out there to prove otherwise. And agreeing with his politics doesn't qualify. remember the picture of him and President Clinton jamming through the same door? The locked door stage right in China? The WMD lies? The Balsa Wood RPV's? The Captured Osama bin Laden (oh.)? The rebuilt and Taliban free Afghanistan? The low price of gasoline? The record breaking budget deficits?

C'mon wingers, give the fool some love.

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