Sunday :: Jul 23, 2006

Lieberman Is Now An Endangered Species

by Steve

Sorry for being gone for several days. A combination of triple-digit heat, several horrendous business travel days, family illnesses, and a graduation party have teamed together to make the last week or so a challenge to say the least. But let’s take a look at several other people with greater problems than me:

George W. Bush has a net positive approval rating in only four (that's right, four) states out of fifty.

Ohio GOP gubernatorial candidate and Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, a man who conspired with the White House to suppress the votes of thousands of African Americans and didn’t bother to count the votes of tens of thousands more in the 2004 election under the cover of being Ohio’s chief elections official, is heading for a defeat of historic proportions that will destroy the Ohio GOP this November. Better still, Democratic representative Sherrod Brown is leading GOP incumbent senator Mike DeWine now by eight points as well.

How does it feel to be Joe Leaverman tonight and see that you not only may not win the Democratic primary and lose to Ned Lamont by ten points, but that you no longer lead Lamont in the general election either? For that matter, Leaverman is losing long-time supporters as well. But I have a short message for both Bill Clinton and Barbara Boxer, who are coming into Connecticut to prop up Lieberman: F*ck you both. Other bloggers have written thousands of words condemning any Democrat who would support a senator who helped get Sam Alito on the Supreme Court and helped get this country into its worst foreign policy mistake ever. I cannot understand why both Boxer and Clinton would actively try and prop up Lieberman rather than simply support him from afar. But they have chosen to help keep Joe’s drive for an independent run alive, and I will never forget it.

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