Monday :: Jul 24, 2006

Is Al-Maliki On Dope?

by Steve

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The whiff of failure has turned into a gale force wind when it comes to both of Bush’s first-term wars of “liberation.” There are reports today that the Taliban, whom Bush was supposed to defeat first before anything else, have made a major strike inside western Afghanistan against police and coalition forces using hundreds of fighters.

And as evidence that he is a dead man walking heading up a failing government out of touch with reality and too closely aligned with his masters in Washington, new Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki told the media today in advance of his visit with Bush later this week that there is no chance that Iraq will slide into a civil war. Despite recent bombings in the north and in Shiite strongholds that are clearly aimed at aggravating Kurdish security concerns and agitating sectarian counterattacks from Shiite militias, al-Maliki said with a straight face today that there would be no civil war because his government will disarm the militias, at a time when they cannot recruit any police for towns of 40,000. Since his government can’t even maintain basic security in any of the country’s largest cities, al-Maliki is sounding more and more like a Cheney puppet and less and less like a leader who can gain the confidence of his own people. Which of course is exactly what the Cheney/Rummy/Bolton cabal want, but something that vulnerable GOP incumbents should fear this fall: a failing war on terror that will be hung around the necks of all GOP candidates who are forced by this White House to blindly support failure.

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