Wednesday :: Jul 26, 2006

We're Isolated Once Again

by Steve

AP Photo of Tyre, Lebanon today

In the face of increasing pressure for a cease fire, both the Brits and the Bush Administration are now the lone holdouts against a cessation of hostilities. Condi’s photo op with the Europeans and Arab nations in Rome today collapsed without any agreements, while an Israeli general said that their attacks into Lebanon would continue weeks longer. Condi and the Bush Administration continue to insist that there will be no stop to the fighting until a longer term solution is agreed to, which ensures that more innocent Lebanese will be killed. And there is a double-standard at work with the US position. We insist that there will be no cessation of Israel’s attacks until a longer term solution is in place, so using that criteria the Bush Administration has just opened up the door for Syria to insist that it too won’t help out until their long-term demand of a return of the Golan Heights is met.

This breakdown came after the Israelis apologized for “deliberately” bombing a UN observation post, killing four UN peacekeepers, days after the Israelis also targeted and destroyed several Red Cross ambulances in southern Lebanon. The IDF suffered its worst losses today of at least 12 soldiers.

While the IDF now lays waste to the Lebanese port city of Tyre, Bush and Blair have managed to isolate themselves against the rest of the world once again. This has now allowed Iran to state that the Bush Administration wants to remake the Middle East to suit Israel at the expense of the Islamic world. And while we and the Israelis continue the destruction of southern Lebanon, there is growing opposition internationally as well as inside Israel. China has notably demanded an explanation from Israel for the attacks against UN forces, which allows China to play up to the Islamic world. And even the Israelis now admit that their early boasts of severely damaging Hezbollah were off the mark as more than 100 rockets a day continue to rain down on Israel.

The Bush Administration has so badly mismanaged its Middle East foreign policy that Hezbollah and Iran will come out of this stronger, while Al Qaeda won’t want to take a back seat.

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