Thursday :: Jul 27, 2006

Al Qaeda Broadcasts From A TV Studio

by Steve

Nice TV studio you got there, Ayman

Two related notes today from Bush's failed war on terror. Note that nearly five years after 9/11, Al Qaeda's Number Two is so scared of America and on the run that he broadcasts from a TV studio and remains up to date on current events. That's one hell of a cave he's got there.

Perhaps sensing declining international and domestic support for their campaign, Israel Radio in the last hour says the cabinet has changed course and there will not be an expansion of the military campaign, although another 30,000 IDF troops will be deployed into Lebanon in what looks now like an occupation and clean-out campaign. The Israeli Justice minister managed to offend the Europeans by totally misinterpreting yesterday’s breakdown in negotiations, led by Condi, as a “green light” to continue the military offensive to wipe out Hezbollah, an assertion that the European Union immediately rejected. No matter how righteous your cause for security may be, it is hard to have the upper hand morally when you have laid waste to Lebanon like the Israelis have as part of a now-evident agenda by far right warmongers to remake the region to your favor. And when your alleged “Justice” minister makes a statement so outlandish and contrary to the facts, you will lose even more international support.

None of this matters to the one man who is led by the nose into thinking he is on the right side of God and history to support whatever disastrous plans Israel has by a cabal that misunderstands an Al Qaeda they have failed to stop and falsely links to them Hamas and Hezbollah. To Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, they are all enemies that can be conflated into foes that serve the PNAC purpose.

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