Friday :: Jul 28, 2006

GOP Gall

by Duckman GR

As noted about the blogs, this AP piece clearly states that if the Dems want a minimun wage increase, well they can have it, provided, of course, that they vote to give Millionaires a much needed tax cut!

The maneuver is aimed at defusing the wage hike as a campaign issue for Democrats while using its popularity to spur enactment of the Republican Party's long-sought goal of permanently cutting taxes on millionaires' estates.

Typical gopper priorties, a tax cut for the rich, and political cover for the Congress who vote for a bill that won't get enacted. So, okay, fine, time to return the favor.

You want to drill in ANWR, sure, then you can, provided you impose a windfall profits tax of substance on Exxon Mobile et al. And raise CAFE standards, a lot; and fund alternative fuels; alternative vehicle industries; mass transport, and the like, sans lobbyists and corporate welfare.

You want to ax Elmo and Big Bird? Right on, I never liked that freak bird anyway, and Elmo's just a little too cute for my liking. Tickle this, you little red whatever. But in return, you fully fund NCLB; and fix it the way Ted Kennedy wants it; and you restore and increase Student Loans and Grants.

You want a lasting peace in the Middle East without stopping the shooting first? Good luck, but hey, you're the Commander in Chief, we'll go with you just so long as those useless daughters of yours join the Army and take two spots in the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Baghdad. And every other war backing neanderthal con sends their children or themselves (Jonah.) to take the place of somebody who's already paid their dues.

Seems only fair, doesn't it?

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