Sunday :: Jul 30, 2006

Ireland Refuses to Allow US Airplanes Carrying Weapons to Israel to Refuel

by Mary

When the Irsaeli retaliation against Hezbolla broke out, the US accelerated sending high-tech weapons (including buster bunkers) to Isreal. Ireland has refused to let the planes refuel on its land and so the planes are being rerouted to Scotland before being sent on its way. Nevertheless, people in Scotland are no happier about their airports being used for this purpose either.

Glasgow-based human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar said the UK authorities were in breach of international law by allowing the planned arrival of two planes over the weekend.

The flights were due to land in Scotland on Saturday night and in the early hours of Sunday, but were diverted to an unknown airport in the wake of vocal protests from politicians and human rights groups.

Mr Anwar said: "We are aware of details that American planes have been regularly landing carrying munitions. I think that the Scottish Executive and Civil Aviation Authority are in clear breach of international law. These bombs are being used to carry out indiscriminate attacks on civilians in the Lebanon."

One question people might ask is whether the reason the "safest house" in Qana was so deadly to the people who sought shelter is because the weapons we sent over are available to be put to use now. One complaint is that these civilians were warned to leave the south and they are partly to blame because they didn't leave. Do you think they might not have left because it was too dangerous to leave?

Israel rejected a request by the United Nations on Saturday for a three-day cease-fire to move supplies to the needy and allow civilians to leave the war zone. Avi Pazner, an Israeli government spokesman, blamed Hezbollah guerrillas for blocking convoys, saying they are “deliberately preventing the transfer of medical aid and of food ... to create a humanitarian crisis, which they want to blame Israel for.”

Yet, it seems like a three-day ceasefire is going to be put in place according to the BBC news report I'm listening to right now.

One might ask what Bush hopes to get from this war. Here's the most likely reason the US has decided it isn't time to seek a ceasefire.

Another U.S. official, who spoke about the Middle East turmoil on condition of anonymity, was more blunt. In Lebanon, the United States and Iran "are conducting a proxy war," he said, with Israel fighting for one side and Hezbollah for the other.

"It is in our interest to see Hezbollah defeated," he said.

The administration's view of the conflict's larger stakes are a major reason why U.S. diplomacy in the crisis has not been devoted to achieving an early cease-fire, as was often the case in earlier clashes between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Instead, the White House has decided that the United States' strategic objective is the same as Israel's — a decisive defeat for Hezbollah and, by extension, Iran.

Just as the White House hoped its 2003 invasion of Iraq would transform the entire Middle East, Bush and his aides openly voice hopes that an Israeli victory in Lebanon can change the political balance in a much wider area, striking a major blow against Iran and the terrorist groups it has sponsored.

"This is a moment of intense conflict … yet our aim is to turn it into a moment of opportunity and a chance for broader change in the region," Bush said Friday.

God's savior, Bush, is using this war as his way to bring "peace" to the Middle East. As with anything Bush touches, what is happening is totally fubar. Soon, the situation all over the Middle East will be as "hopeful" as it is in Iraq. Bush's belief that letting the flames of war burn their course has created a firestorm that will be long time in dampening. Lord, save us from these stupid and brutish people.

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