Sunday :: Jul 30, 2006

Go To Hell George Bush

by Steve

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From the moment the IDF launched their overreaction onto the people of Lebanon, I have been afraid of what happened today: a single attack that was so horrific that it cannot be justified under any circumstances, and which results in instant hatred for Israel and the United States for enabling it.

Israeli warplanes hunting Hezbollah rocket launchers in southern Lebanon on Sunday killed at least 57 civilians, most of them children, huddled inside a three-story building in a small village. In response, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice appeared to abandon diplomacy in the region and said she would return to Washington on Monday. After an intense day of negotiations in Jerusalem, Israel agreed to suspend air attacks on southern Lebanon for 48 hours.
The attack on the small Lebanese village of Qana was the bloodiest single incident in 19 days of warfare between Israel and Hezbollah. Among the dead were 37 children and a large number of women, according to the Lebanese health minister. Hezbollah, the radical Shiite Muslim movement, vowed revenge, and more than 150 rockets slammed into northern Israel, wounding at least five people. It was the highest number of rockets fired at Israel since the conflict began.

It doesn’t matter if the building fell at 7 AM after a bombing several hours earlier, or whether or not there were munitions in the building or whatever other lame excuse the Israelis now want to use. Why was the bombing even near the building in the first place? And please don't bother with the "things aren't precise" BS; the IDF and their sycophants in the media brag about how careful they are with their hi-tech toys and their targeting all the time. If you don’t have good intelligence, then you don’t launch attacks near any building that was a safe haven for women and children. The 48-hour cessation of air attacks by Israel won’t be enough because the Bush Administration still isn't demanding a cease fire, even after this.

Tragically, it no longer matters in the big scheme of things if Hezbollah keeps raining rockets down on northern Israel. The IDF and Prime Minister Olmert have handed Hezbollah, Syria, and yes Iran exactly what was critical not to hand them: the moral and propaganda high ground. The Bush Administration’s “hands-off” foreign policy has crashed and burned now, and we are being dragged down the hell hole with Israel as a result of this attack and our enabling of it. The Lebanese have told Condi not to bother returning to Beirut, and they seemingly support a massive Hezbollah retaliation for the bombing as an act of Lebanese self-defense. Once again it is us and the Israelis against the world, and any calls by Bush for democracy and an overarching solution will fall deservedly on uninterested heads of state, who must wonder how the American people can continue to support a callous and craven administration so indifferent to the victims of its policies.

God damn you Mr. President for what you, yes you have done to this country. You, your satanic Vice President and Secretary of Defense, and your inept Secretary of State have besmirched the integrity and dignity of this country for far too long. I fear that we will all now pay a price for it. With his green light and wink and a nod relationship with Israel, Bush has blood on his hands tonight just as much as the Israelis.

I spent several minutes tonight looking at the wire service pictures of the victims, and I saw women and young women that were the same ages as my wife and daughter. Yes, the people of Israel suffer this as well, and have for years. But this was a discriminate attack by Israel on this target, using precise weapons and jet fuel provided in part by the Bush Administration, under a green light from this president. I expect much more from the president of the United States than I do from the leader of Hezbollah or the nutcase in Tehran, but after today, George W. Bush has lowered the office of the president to the same nefarious, banana republic level as them.

Burn in hell Mr. Bush. Your foreign policy team is waiting for you there. No matter how quickly you try and weasel your way away from this and towards a face-saving call for a cease fire, this hangs around your neck, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

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