Tuesday :: Aug 1, 2006

Excellent Summer Reading: Perfectly Legal

by paradox

What do Robert Johnson (NY Jets owner), Sam and Charles Wyly (big-time GOP and Bush backers) and Haim Saban (Democratic fundraiser) have in common?

They’re crooks. They hate America and want to make us more dependent on the Chinese with massive debt, they spit on future generations with extra tax burdens as they cheat on taxes now. They’re greedy liars and frauds who have everything possible that wealth can buy in this world, yet they screw the rest of us without a thought as they don’t pay their share.

The GOP’s furious 30 year assault on taxation and the evils of big government have, amazingly, infused a great many of the super-wealthy with the mindset that their government and it’s need for money is illegitimate, a fraud worthy of deception to right their gross injustice of mammoth piles of money in their lives.

Think you’re jaded? Think you’ve seen it all in scummy behavior from citizens interacting with their government? You’re wrong. I’ve borrowed Perfectly Legal out twice to extremely well seasoned and educated citizens and each time they returned it with fresh outrage, incredulous that they did not know how the wealthy have grossly, offensively, disgustingly lied, cheated, and stolen from all of us as they weasled out on paying taxes.

There is ample evidence that the GOP have engaged in a very successful class war from the book—for instance, one is much more likely to be audited if you’re poor than rich, all from an outrageous concession by Clinton to get a child tax exemption passed. The furious GOP was sure all those little people were welfare queens at heart, so the IRS must audit a certain percentage of claims with the deduction.

Many of the super rich, however, cruise through every April 15th with expensive tax lawyer returns that hide and obfuscate vast fortunes. That’s precisely what the Washington Post is reporting this morning, rich people cheating on taxes with offshore tax felonies.

The truly galling part about these obvious cheats is that no one can be thrown in even a weenie white collar prison when caught. The wealthy get off by saying they followed the advice of an attorney, the attorneys say they were legitimately interpreting the tax code, just a small misunderstanding, your honor.

Right. Johnson, like all rich crooks when audited and caught in these criminal offshore havens, coughed up all the dough he owed and moved on with his terrible life of jets, owning a football team, mansions, fine food and clothes, on and on, the awful burden of American life continues to torment him to this very day. His attorneys, after collecting their fees, internally raged at somehow getting caught and vowed it wouldn’t happen with the next client.

Every year the income gap has widened in my lifetime—the rich and super rich make more while always paying less taxes, while the little people take less home and pay more every spring.

It was not always so—after the great depression and WW II a sense of obligation, sacrifice and service created a very, very progressive tax code that protected and nourished a flourishing middle class. Now all our tax code does is hound the poor while bleeding vast sums to rich cheaters while the middle class shrinks every year.

Two weeks ago the story broke on the IRS auditor purge—gut half the staff and cheating will be even easier, go ahead and hate America even more, our little wealthy ones. Only children think anything in life is free, but the GOP insists on the fantasy as they furtively hide and lie the future of the country away so they can have everything to themselves.

It’s a direct, real threat to our republic and it has to stop. After trillions of debt and all these crooks it’s obvious: Republicans can’t be trusted with money.

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