Wednesday :: Aug 2, 2006

What The Hell Finally Woke Them Up?

by pessimist

Six years too late, the American media is taking King George to task. A small sampling of the excessively tardy discontent:

The Huntsville (Ala.) Times: "There's nothing in the Constitution -- and there shouldn't be -- that says the president gets to pick and choose which laws to obey. When he took his oath, Bush swore to enforce all of them.

The Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader: "Congress has allowed Bush to get out of hand. After the 9/11 tragedies, lawmakers from both parties gave the executive branch too much authority and too little scrutiny. . . .

The Reading (Pa.) Eagle: "Under the pretext of protecting the country against terrorism, Bush has tried to set himself above Congress and the courts. Whether Bush wants to admit it or not, this is still a representative democracy, and the policy of the separation of powers is still intact.

The Yakima (Wash.) Herald: Too many times during this administration, we have been concerned about what appears to be an attitude that, 'We'll decide what the rules are; otherwise, they don't apply to us.' That's unacceptable.

So is not doing your job for at least six years.

Your job is to keep the American people informed so that we can do our jobs at the polls, and you failed us miserably. Nothing you will do now can ever make up for that seriously irresponsible lapse in your performance.

Besides being so obsessed with George's signing statements that you can't report straight, and hailing the unpraiseworthy Arlen Spector for introducing legislation 'allowing' Congress to sue the White House, why are you not also covering Cynthia McKinney's investigation into the methods used to purge the voter lists in Florida and elsewhere? Why are you ignoring Republican greed and the persecution of the working class in America?

Why are you not defending the Constitution of the United States
- the very law that gave you the freedom to say everything that needs saying
without fear of governmental retribution
(assuming the law was still being obeyed)?

Do you not care that the White House (I refuse to call Bu$hCo 'the presidency' any more) is so willing to ignore the Consititutional provisions regarding citizenship and prohibiting ex post facto laws?

You don't notice that our fellow citizens in the military are being destroyed serving in ill-considered wars that even the last of our allies no longer supports, and you never investigated the worst lapses in national security in our history before the evidence trail grew cold.

Our Congress is at best incompetent and at worst corrupted, and you do little to lead the charge of the voter to correct the situation! Republican voters are now being ignored every bit as much as the Democrats have been, yet you continue to support - through slanted, lame, and inept reportage - a government that is no longer 'of the People, by the People, for the People'.

You failed us, your nation, and only now that the world knows that you aided and abetted criminal losers do you remember what you job should have been and begin doing it again. Don't bother patting yourselves on the back, for your arms have been broken a long time.

You are part of the probem, not part of the solution. Go back to sleep, and we'll fix things without you.

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