Thursday :: Aug 3, 2006

Open Thread -- odd news edition

by Mary

A few stories struck me as especially odd today.

Over at TPMMuckracker, we find that the Pennsylvannia Senate race became a whole lot weirder because a Green Party candidate has successfully gotten enough signatures to get on the ballot. (He says he is the only true liberal candidate on the ballot.) But what makes it really weird is that all the money to get him on the ballot (except the $30 he donated to his own campaign) came from Republicans who are strong backers of Rick Santorum. Can you say, ummm?

And then there was the story about how Joe Liebermann is getting help from the College Republicans. Wonder if they plan to help when he's going for his "independent" run.

And finally, Liberal Oasis had been saying that he thought the latest Lebanon war was started by the Hezbollah because they were worried that they'd lose power if the planned Shebaa Farms withdrawal by Israel had gone through. Now he has confirmation that this does indeed appear to be the reason the Hezbollah struck out at Israel. It's really sad that a small fanatical group can destroy any consensus for compromise or peace.

What strikes you as weird?

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