Thursday :: Aug 3, 2006

Come Back Any Time, Cindy

by paradox

[I have never cross-posted any of my work in the Kos community here before, but I don't think Steve will mind]

On some mornings like this when I don't sleep well and a day a life is a long, long way ahead of me I play a game I call a year ago to keep my thoughts from meandering into a darkness like the night that currently clamps down on my tiny planet space in the early hours.  A lot of death and heat in the news with war and hard times, voices of peace and reason in our leaders extremely difficult to find, so a diversion from a scan of today's news is welcome.

365 ago there is only one slamming result from those memory slots:  Cindy Sheehan.  I was aware of her from seeing Gold Star Mothers For Peace linked on the net, but then of course we all got to know her very well when she posted regularly here all summer in the diaries as she rocketed to world fame as the Mom who took on Bush and would not back down.

Very special times in seeing the power of the net and blog grow and help Cindy out as she implemented one of the most effective anti-war demonstrations of all time.  She went to Crawford, camped out until she got some basic dignity from the President, and when she didn't smashed off at least ten points from Bush's approval rating, a beacon of bravery and leadership I will never, ever forget or lose gratitude for.

Cindy of course moved on as life bore down on a wild journey, but as surely as the sun rises in two hours Cindy will soon get up and take it to Bush again in Crawford, Texas.  A smattering of news reports and links on the net revealed Cindy had bought five acres in Crawford, she's down there right now ready to fuck up another galling Bush 30 day vacation.  I have a pickup I could load with literally a ton of water and an ice machine, I could be there in 18 hours, less with a team driver.  I am grateful for my life and duty but God do I wish I could escape it and just go sometimes, surely there is nothing better to do in this life to be in Texas to help Cindy wreck another Bush vacation.

What prompted the game this morning was concern and thoughts for two of my favorite writers in the liberal community, Billmon and Carnacki.  Billmon had stated that although Cook was projecting a smorgasbord of indicators for a smash Democratic takeover this fall it didn't matter, for the Democracy was already lost. Carnacki then wrote that even if it was lost it was worth fighting for.

To those of us who have alleged to grown up and spent a few decades on the planet life can become nothing but losses and lost potential--children, spouse, career, friends...many lose them all but still are productive happy adults committed cheerfully to the duty in their lives, knowing that eventually all will be lost to death.

It's not the losses that sear and enrage us so, I think, it's the infuriating and outrageous denial from Bush and the Republicans that there was ever any issue or loss in the first place.  Lose your son to lies?  No big, it's all in a good cause!  Have your vote utterly obviated with a stolen election?  Get in line, chump!  Have all your stuff rankly pawed through just to go see grandma?  Shut up and deal, the 4th amendment was just shit talk from two centuries ago, piss in this cup, stoner.  Get horribly battered by a driver yet have no insurance?  Lots of Americans have had their lives consigned to an utter hell of pain and neglect from no health care, whatever gave you the idea we were better than that?  Lose your job?  Buckle up, it's your fault for not having an education, now go spend four years getting it!

If our political opponents won't even acknowledge the truth of who we are (or were) and what they've done to shit all over it, how can we ever get back to a place where at least we don't lie to our mothers as we butcher their sons?  I don't know.  Not only do these animals refuse any concept of truth and reality, they're dead set for crushing any that insist on adhering to it, and with the corporate whoring media shilling for them makes any outlook for relief and progression appears to be very, very, bleak.

Yet I am stilled enormously grateful to see citizens like Billmon, Carnacki and Cindy still adhere to reality and stick it to the war criminals who lead us as often as they can.  The freaks have trashed our country and set the middle east ablaze but they cannot extinguish our souls, voices, and our precious American values.  Never.

So in this bright shining poppy field of mental delight this morning one can see how a 365 game was a grateful distraction.  In the course of it all I wondered if Cindy Sheehan ever felt guilty for not stopping by and letting us know how this summer's campaign is going.

I hope not.  I hope she knows last summer was an enormous gift we're all eternally grateful for.  Go get `em, Cindy, we love you and are still watching closely as we cheer you on.  If you somehow chisel out some time for us by we'd be ecstatic, you are always welcome here at any time or place, of course.

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