Thursday :: Aug 3, 2006

Generals: Sectarian Violence As Bad As Ever, Threat Of Civil War

by Steve

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Well, the generals have gone off the script this morning. In congressional testimony during Rummy's appearance at the Senate Armed Services Committee today, both leading generals in Iraq just testified that the level of sectarian violence is as bad as they have ever seen it, and General Pace said that there was a danger of Iraq slipping into civil war if the Iraqis don't turn this around, something he admitted he didn't forsee a year ago.

Curiously, these assessments come on the same day that the outgoing British ambassador to Iraq also says that the country is heading towards civil war and sectarian partitioning. The ambassador, in a cable that was leaked to the press, dismisses Bush's hope that a strong central government can be established, and feels that it is critical to keep the Mahdi army from gaining a Hezbollah-like power in the country, something that Bush's inaction in Lebanon and al-Sistani's resulting fatwa now make more likely.

Rummy's response of course is that we can either stay and see this through or leave and find the terrorists coming here to the homeland. The broken record continues. Even David Broder this morning thinks the White House and Rummy are nuts with such a position, given our history in Korea and Vietnam.

I will say it again: why can't the Democrats put forward a "no permanent bases-no permanent troops" resolution right now and force the GOP to vote against it? It isn't cut-and-run, and it still gives the Democrats the opportunity to paint the GOP as wanting to make Iraq our 51st state with no plan to get out nor a definition of success.

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