Thursday :: Aug 3, 2006

Joe's NO-mentum

by pessimist

The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Ned Lamont leading Joe "Judas" Lieberman 54-41% (with a 3% MOE) with likely Democratic voters.

But Joe's GOP chums aren't idle. Besides writing letters to the New Haven Register, Kos reports that collegiate Republicans are being supported by Lieberman's campaign as the collegians work to keep one of their party's own deep-cover moles viable as a candidate. It's like the GOP can't win on their own anymore, and maybe they are losing faith in the Diebold Strategem, so they are going to use DINOs like Joe and the Pennsylvania Green Party to win with surrogates if they can't win directly, while the surrogates aid the effort by lying and lying some more.

I think we can expect Joe to maintain his GOP connections even if he runs as an Independent once he loses next Tuesday.

Maybe more commentary from Ron Reagan - or other loyal and patriotic Republicans - about how the GOP talent of late is to subvert the truth would help. Reagan says that this is done in order to distract attention from Bu$hCo's anti-American efforts long enough for the typical American Idol viewer to forget about everything else, removing the probability that a critical mass could be created in the American voters and bring to an end the charade that is the current 'government' of America.

A good start would be to Just Say No To Joe - in whatever political disguise he dons.

PS: Sincere apologies to Judas for Lieberman's nickname.

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