Thursday :: Aug 3, 2006

Republican Priorities Lose

by Duckman GR

Today, America's Working Class, held Hostage by the GOP in their never ending struggle for just another Tax Cut for Billionaires, got away from the greedy perps, yeah, they're still in the building, washing dishes and cleaning rooms and running the snack bar, but they still have a chance without adding to the burden their kids would've faced had they lost.

The provision [the Estate Tax Cut] was estimated to yield $1.4 million in savings to each of about 8,000 Americans a year, [as opposed to] an estimated 6 million Americans who, if working 40-hour weeks, would earn less than $11,000 a year.

And who's raise would be roughly $2200.00 a year for full time hours, a big boost for them no doubt for these SIX MILLION, yes 6,000,000.00 people, as opposed to 7500 to 8000, yes many zeroes missing, many times over multi millionaires who'd realize ONE POINT FOUR MILLION FREAKING GREENBACKS each.

It's what they do we hate, not who they are.

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