Friday :: Aug 4, 2006

Open Thread - Reid Beats Frist (Again) Edition

by Steve

Harry Reid outfoxed Bill Frist late Thursday and killed the GOP's bait-and-switch effort to pass a tax cut for Paris Hilton by holding hostage an increase in the minimum wage. And now I hope the Democrats beat those vulnerable GOP incumbents' brains out with this pathetic and craven trick this fall.

It’s too bad Joe Lieberman couldn’t be bothered to vote on this measure. And I look forward to seeing how Chuck Schumer and the DSCC go after George Allen, Conrad Burns, Mike DeWine, John Ensign, Jon Kyl, Rick Santorum, and Jim Talent for putting the interests of Paris Hilton above those of everyday working Americans who haven’t had an increase in the minimum wage for a decade.

What's on your mind?

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