Saturday :: Aug 5, 2006

Open Thread - "George Who" ? Edition

by Steve

So let’s say you are a GOP incumbent running for reelection this year. You have steadfastly done whatever George W. Bush and Karl Rove have told you to do. You have voted repeatedly to send money and troops to die for a fraud in Iraq. You were ready to screw seniors and privatize Social Security. You have spent like a drunken sailor. You have personally enriched yourself with Jack Abramoff money. In general you have screwed this country over, and put the private gain ahead of public interest for these last five years. And you have done this while claiming the moral high ground over your opponents by smearing those who disagree with you as treasonous traitors, while you were ready to vote for the Dubai Ports World deal and blamed the blacks for their plight in Katrina.

So when faced with getting your ass handed to you this year because your constituents find out that you are nothing but a rubber stamping, money-grabbing, fear-mongering, smearing, lying Chicken hawk weasel, what do you do?

That’s right; you run your campaign ads this fall as if you aren’t a Republican and never mention Bush’s name once, hoping that you can con your constituents one more time just so you can screw them again after the election and send more kids to die for oil and then privatize Social Security. And not only do you do it, but your party tells you to scam the voters by running away from Bush to see if you can get away with it.

Take it away.

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