Saturday :: Aug 5, 2006

NYT Runs Another Decent Hillary Piece Today

by Steve

Did Hillary’s toe-to-toe with Rumsfeld Thursday and her willingness to back away from a Lieberman-esque support for the Iraq war earn her a change in how the New York Times covers her? I think so. Read this balanced piece today, weeks after the Post’s Lois Romano wrote a similar evenhanded piece, and remember it was the Times that disgustingly made an issue just months ago about the status of Bill and Hillary’s marriage while ignoring the marital histories of John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Newt Gingrich.

Will we see a change in the anti-Hillary, "she can’t win" coverage from the media, and are Bill and the Clinton gang working over the major media to play it fair with her coverage? This isn’t the first time that the Times’ Anne Kornblut has written a fair piece about Hillary of late, so there is an ongoing editorial decision at work here to put Hillary forward in a less negative light. But it does show that the Clintons know how to work the media far better than the hapless Lieberman, when both have the Iraq war vote hanging around their necks.

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