Tuesday :: Aug 8, 2006

Lamont Wins The Nomination - Lieberman Runs As An Independent

by Steve

AP photo after the nonconcession

The Washington Post and Associated Press are proclaiming Ned Lamont victorious over Joe Lieberman tonight. C-SPAN is reporting with over 95% of the precincts counted that Lamont is still leading Lieberman by 52%-48%.

Most of the media will spin this negatively for the center-left blogosphere no matter what. So what. The center-left blogosphere isn’t and was never the issue in this race. The only two issues were Joe's blind support for the war and his ongoing lack of judgment, and his abandonment of his constituents back home. Too often in his career and even more so in the last five years, Lieberman conducted himself as if his main constituents weren't in Connecticut, but were rather the Beltway elites under an illusory notion of bipartisanship that has never existed under this administration. Yet Lieberman peddled it as a cover for his main focus, which was an ongoing reaffirmation of his self-righteousness and superiority over his party. Along the way Joe carried water for the accounting industry and prevented the necessary reforms that could have prevented the Enron meltdown. And he has carried water for the HMO and drug industries while his constituents have been harmed by the fiscally irresponsible Medicare Part D program.

And yes, Joe supported the war and defended Bush against criticism. This speaks volumes about his lack of judgment and inability to admit error, two faults he shares with his soul mate in the White House. Lieberman still believes that toppling Saddam was an essential part of our campaign against those who attacked us on 9/11, despite the evidence to contrary. This puts him right at home with the criminal neo-con true believers who have harmed this country, and who put Israel ahead of our country here at home. There is nothing wrong with passionately putting Israel ahead of your own country, but not if you are sworn to represent the citizens of Connecticut.

Lieberman will run as an independent and not concede, which is to be expected from someone convinced of his own infallibility and self-righteousness, and who likes the perks from being a Beltway insider more than he likes staying in touch with those he represents back home. Joe said tonight that partisanship won, as if he was campaigning not for political office but rather for canonization. Joe runs away from partisanship as if he is too good for politics, and as if the last five years haven’t happened. He will run as Team Connecticut, and that will give Lamont a chance to remind voters that he is a Democrat whereas Joe is a chameleon of political convenience. Lieberman may win the race in November, due to his corporate and GOP support, but he will not run as a Democrat under false colors anymore. As for what this means to the Democratic Party, aside from the sniping from Beltway insiders whose livelihoods are now threatened by a base that wants to take back control of its party like the GOP did in 1994, let’s see how many national Democrats regain a spine to confront this administration over the war. I am not going to hold my breath, but Lieberman’s constituents in Connecticut, with an assist from the center-left blogosphere sent a message tonight that the base matters once again, and that GOP-lite will not cut it anymore.

This country and the Democratic Party can no longer afford an opposition party that acts as a rubber stamp for this administration. Joe Lieberman was the first recipient of that message tonight.

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