Tuesday :: Aug 8, 2006

A small step back to sanity

by Duckman GR

Yes, lieberman lost, and in his self delusion he thinks that he can still win in November. And having coulter and kristol on his side is sure to win the Democrats and moderate Independents and Republicans over as well.

Well, maybe not so much.

Digby nailed it the other day in his Fighting For Your Life piece and it bears repetition:

I think one of the things that few observers recognize is the lesson many of us took when the Democrats stuck together on the social security debate (no thanks to Joe Lieberman.) They shut down the Karl Rove juggernaut in no uncertain terms simply by hanging together and not allowing the GOP to claim any kind of bipartisan cover... It gave us hope that these people could be defeated if we stuck together.

Party unity does not mean orthodoxy. It is simply a recognition that when you are dealing with the modern Republican Party it is almost always a zero sum game. That's how they see politics. If that's going to change it's going to have to come from them. They are the ones who have institutionalized excessive partisanship and they are going to have to wring it out of their political culture before they can be trusted to keep their word.

Lieberman decried the excessive partisanship that Ned Lamont will bring to DC if he wins in November, that's why he, Joe Lieberman, is going to attack Lamont relentlessly from now til then. As if the Democrats will welcome him with open arms for attacking the Democrats own nominee.

But think about it for a moment. joe thinks that compromise with the Republicans of Bill Frist and George W Bush and Dick Cheney and company is possible. That's what he said in his speech. But, and we should all know this, such a thing is not possible with the GOP we face today, the party of delay and ney and cunningham and rumsfeld and bush, of Heinrich Gonzalez, rick santorum, jerry lewis, katherine harris, exxon mobile, dick halliburton et al holding all three reins of power. What exactly do you offer as part of a compromise, dealing from a position of total weakness?

You have no power, no leverage, save complete unity against the gop. And that only goes so far. So outside of that, what can you offer? Parts of yourself, your name, your principles, your integrity, your values, that's what Joe can give to the Republicans in the name of compromise. And that's what the Democrats have been doing for the past 6 years, or more. We've got nothing left to give up, save our hearts and our brains.

That's what Joe would have us do, Democrats, is that what you would have us do too?

The people have spoken, they're sick to death of this miserable administration, its failures, its incompetence, its lies, and its enablers. We can win the House and the Senate, by opposing the dreams of empire of the BFEE, and by DEMONSTRATING our values. Booting Lieberman was the first real demonstration, now lets move on to the next one.

It's been a almost a year since Katrina exposed bush for the miserable failure that his administration is, it's time to make things happen in New Orleans. Scout Prime is headed down there for this Conference, hopefully some good ideas and actions will come from it.

Or there's always a visit to Camp Casey. Nothing like a nice August day in Texas to witness how much george bush cares about people dying in Lebanon when he could do something about it.

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