Wednesday :: Aug 9, 2006

What If It Isn't About Hezbollah, But Something Bigger?

by Steve


It may be hard for some to remember now, but some of us initially supported Israel’s reaction to the Hezbollah snatching of two IDF border patrol soldiers. But I began to question Israel’s agenda and motives as the IDF laid waste to Lebanon’s infrastructure and killed innocent civilians, using a target list shared with the United States a year ago. What if there is an alternate scenario behind all of this?

Suppose Israel developed this list of targets and a plan to destroy and destabilize Lebanon a year ago to set the table for taking control of the Eastern Mediterranean coastline as part of a new compact with Turkey, Britain, and the Bush Administration neocons? What if the real agenda is to facilitate a new oil/gas/water pipeline from Central Asia around Russia, Iran, and Syria through Turkey and past Lebanon down to Israel? Would an alternate scenario look more plausible if the pipeline offered a way for Israel to meet its needs for water, gas, and oil, and allowed Israel to turn into an oil exporter to the Far East in the process to the detriment of the Saudis, Iran, and Russia? And would it surprise you to find out that this plan wasn’t new, but simply an updating of existing plans to make Israel energy independent and to provide the United States with an oil supply separate from Saudi Arabia, once we extend the war to Syria and near-sightedly topple another regime?

What if the only impediments to the launching of such a plan was the absence of a necessary provocation for Israel to strike at Lebanon and threaten Syria in the process, knowing that NATO could not come to Lebanon’s aid, and that Turkey was obligated to support Israel against Syria if necessary? The only fly in the ointment would be the fact that Russia is actively supporting Syria’s military of late, and that Syria has so far refused to take the bait and strike back at Israel, keeping Turkey and Iran on the sidelines while cooler heads in the UN try to defuse this against the US’s stalling tactics.

And suppose that the week before Israel launched its attacks against Lebanon, Turkey and the Bush Administration formalized an agreement that committed Turkey to a three-way compact with Israel, after their new military chief of staff was briefed on the grand plan last December at the American Enterprise Institute?

All you would need for the plan to go ahead and spin out of control is an IDF that has been green-lighted to decimate Lebanon against the disingenuous protests from a Bush Administration that has no intention of stopping Israel.

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