Thursday :: Aug 10, 2006

Katrina revisited

by Duckman GR

I suggested earlier that we need to move onto the next project, and suggested something Katrina related.

Well, consider this, as Scout Prime heads down to NOLA to see what has changed since her last visit.

We know that bushco doesn't rebuild things, although they'll take money to do so. Not Afghanistan, not Iraq, not New Orleans, not Beirut when the time comes (click back and forth on the July 12 and July 31 dots, it's hard to swallow). It's therefore up to us, in some measure, to do it ourselves.

Perhaps a coalition of Bloggers and Unionists, out of work house builders in California, New Orleans Residents and Expatriates, maybe some DNC connections, perhaps some of that Microsoft/Buffet money, we could pick up where FEMA left off, and actually help some people rebuild their lives and communities.

A DEMONSTRATION of our values, not the gop's. That's why thugs (here's a quote, read the article tho: Another aide said that "staff felt pressured by Cunningham" and often acquiesced, "not wanting to offend him or make him upset.") like cunningham and his cronies get re-elected every other year, because they respond to their constituents requests for help. Not big stuff mind you, that's reserved for big donors, but small things, help with a postal route, a proclamation for Grampa, a freeway deal for the local wrestling coach, oh, er, sorry, I digressed ot.

In all, Hastert's net worth has soared from no more than $290,000 to more than $6 million during his 19-year tenure on Capitol Hill that has seen him rise from the back benches of Congress to speaker of the House.

Is that why people go to Congress, to get rich? Maybe not. But this sure looks like the gop at it's real-est, corrupt and greedy to the bone. And maybe that's why New Orleans and environs are still suffering from their miserable failures from day one of the disaster.

I'm just thinking out loud, maybe that conference thingy Scout is going to can be a springboard, or maybe a contingent of Democrats with time and energy and some skills can load up the work trucks and head down to NOLA to do some actually homebuilding for the good and dis-serviced people of the region. Might be a good thing for some Dems to do too, an exercise of the body to purify the soul, Bill, Hil, Barbara.

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