Friday :: Aug 11, 2006

The Stock Price Of Air Terror

by pessimist

One has to wonder about the terrorist planners always focusing on airliners, especially after 9-11. With so many other opportunites surrounding all of us (just look around you!), why would they keep going back to the same venue that only proved to be successful ONE TIME?

In addition to the convenient proximity of Lamont's victory over GOP Joe, United sparked a fare war August 9th - just before the 'terrah' alert. Delta and American were going to follow suit almost immediately. Once the alert was announced, airline stocks fell around the world, but not nearly as much as might have been feared from past activity.

In fact, as of today, airline stocks are rallying, essentially eliminating yesterday's losses.

Then comes the kicker.

There is a bigger, more sinister conspiracy involving the airlines.

We already know that British police knew about this 'plot' of rank amateurs for months. We also know that the British and American governments consulted on this 'plot' over the last week or so.

Who is to say that others didn't consult about how to benefit from this news as well?

From out of India, where the business news coverage is the best in the world, comes this little ditty:

Strange airline stocks shorting activities in Europe ahead of terror plot discovery raise doubt about who knew what and when?
India Daily Media Release
Aug. 10, 2006

The airlines stock indices all across the globe was showing technical reasons for a drop for the last few days. After the London discovery of the terror plot to blow US-UK bound airlines, it dipped heavily only to be bought.

According to Financial Times, the UK was put on its highest state of alert on Thursday after British police said they had foiled a terrorist plot to blow up transatlantic passenger aircraft in mid-flight. The announcement followed a number of arrests overnight. It is believed that flights from the UK to the US were the principal target.

“Overnight the police, with the full knowledge of ministers, have carried out a major counter-terrorism operation to disrupt what we believe to be a major threat to UK and international partners,” said John Reid, home secretary, adding: “We think we have the main players in this conspiracy”.

The question is - WHICH conspiracy?

The trading pattern of the Airline stocks before and after raised the first doubts about the terror plot discovery.

The airlines stocks bounced back with the same money
that was raised shorting these stocks yesterday and before.
The biggest question now is who were the people who shorted these airlines stocks before the terror plot discovery and why are they so sure to buy them back at a 10% or more discount today?

Why indeed? These 'investors' had to know that the bombing plotters were incompetent and about to be thwarted, and that there would be no real risk to the industry. They also had to know that the 'plot' was going to be revealed, and that the resulting fear would affect stock prices.

The investor class clearly feels no compunctions against feeding upon itself.

A similar action took place prior to 9-11, when airline stocks were shorted just before the attack. Officially, no one has ever been connected to this most dispicable profit-taking, but one has to wonder why they are being allowed to continue to wreak their capitalist terrorism on the world through the profitability of violence.

As long as we do allow this to continue, the 'War on Terror' is a scam and a sham. It's going to bring about the collapse of the world's economy, and then we all suffer.

Insider terror trading. That is the ultimate terrorism.

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