Friday :: Aug 11, 2006

Bush Down To 33% Again; Nine-Point Jump In Anti-Bush Voters

by Steve

What Bush bounce? AP/Ipsos has him falling back to 33% approval this week, and the GOP is getting blasted in the generic ballot now by 18 points. Seventy-one percent of those polled say the country is on the wrong track. Bush has fallen to his lowest approval rating on his handling of the economy and other domestic issues, and his handling of Iraq (33%). But note this: there was a nine-point jump from last month in the number of people who said they would be casting a vote in November against Bush. And unlike the ABC News/Washington Post poll from earlier in the week, this poll’s sample had a closer spread between liberals (26%) and conservatives (35%).

I guess it must be time to gin up another terror threat, to bad-mouth the Democrats as weak on terror using bitch-slapped media tools, and to use this for more pathetic GOP fundraising.

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