Saturday :: Aug 12, 2006

It's Hard On The Street For A GOP Pimp

by pessimist

Low polling numbers are causing Republicans to campaign against King George lest he harm their re-election prospects. Opportunistic GOP incumbents won't take on the sure-loser task of coordinating the national campaign. Has the GOP sucked American political support as dry as Prudhoe Bay?

The victory of Ned Lamont is seen, especially by losing Republicans, as indicating a major shift in America's loyalties. Should such a shift be truly underway, how long before former GOP supporters bare their souls and recant their prior positions, as Tin Drum author Gunther Grass does over his membership in the Waffen SS "even though he never fired a shot"?

As Grass says:

My silence throughout all these years is one of the reasons I have written my autobiography. It finally had to come out... [A] lot of people pretended that the 'poor German people had been seduced by a horde of evils', but that was not the truth. It happened all in broad daylight. And with enthusiasm and with popularity.

So it was with the rise of Reaganism in America.

People are already adjusting their selective memories so that they won't recall how they celebrated the rise of selfishness and bigotry in America, and how they believed such un-American attitudes would 'restore' a greatness that they didn't recognize still existed in favor of one which never did.

As revelations of GOP incompetence and malfeasance continue to be revealed, and as support for the descendents of Reagan declines, it is clear that such days are coming to an end, and survival mandates that those who will live through this change adapt their beliefs.

All that remains is that these losers adapt their behavior.

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