Saturday :: Aug 12, 2006

TLC - State of the States Roundup

by eriposte

OH: Democrat Ted Strickland continues to run a good campaign for Governor against the corrupt vote-supressor Ken Blackwell. Jesse Taylor has a post at Strickland's blog on a hilarious comment from the Ohio GOP spokesman about why Ken Blackwell did not release his tax returns like Strickland did. Take a look.

CT: Ned Lamont's campaign demands an apology from Lieberman's campaign for gratuitously lying to the public about the alleged "hacking" incident. If Joe "GOP" Lieberman - aka Sore Loserman - falsely implicated Ned Lamont on a criminal matter, he ought to be prosecuted. Don't miss David Sirota's great cable TV performance in response to utterly BS/fake GOP talking points regarding the implications of the race - thanks to ozymandiskzx's You Tube video.

RI: The media's appalling and abysmal transmission of BS talking points (on the CT primary) from the know-nothing fakers masquerading as "pundits" and from the GOP (i.e., Lieberman) camp should be juxtaposed with the media coverage (or lack thereof) of the Rhode Island GOP primary. Dave Johnson has a must-read post on that.

CA: SFBrianCL at Calitics has pictures and lots of videos from the recent Take Back CA rally attended by gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides and others like DNC Chairman Howard Dean. Auros at Calitics has an Angelides news roundup. While you're at it, check out Governor Phil - a website created by progressive grassroots bloggers to focus on the Angelides campaign to unseat Arnold Schwarzenegger.

TX: Democrat Ciro Rodriguez to challenge GOP Bush Rubber Stamp Congressman Henry Bonilla in newly redrawn district. BTW, John Courage is the real Democratic candidate in TX-21, not Gene Kelly. Read Burnt Orange Report for more on that.

NV: Jack Carter who is running to unseat Bush Rubber Stamp GOP Senator John Ensign seems to be doing better against Ensign in the most recent Rasmussen poll.

Have you visited the DNC's Also, make sure you check out Grassroots Democrats.

P.S. In national news, Emptywheel has an interesting post on whether Bush is able to raise as much money for the RNC as he has been able to previously. Also, check out this html version of the Conyers report.

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