Sunday :: Aug 13, 2006

Will Lincoln Chaffee Be 'The Payback For Lieberman'?

by pessimist

Reports are circulating that a conservative group has announced they are targeting Lincoln Chaffee's reelection to the Senate from Rhode Island. CNN is showing their 'reporters' discussing Chaffee and Lieberman being centrist 'moderates' of a certain kind, while a columnist from the Post-Chronicle lists the 'attributes' of such a 'moderate'. Reading such a piece only reinforces the need to rid the nation of DINOs like Lieberman, but that's my opinion.

What would a connection to Lieberman, such as CNN's, mean to Chaffee? It can't be helping!

A BuzzFlash reader named Big Dave from Queens is especially incensed at Chaffee from the other side of the spectrum, saying:

Non-moderate Senators like Olympia Snowe and Lincoln Chafee MUST be voted out of office in 2006 because they are right wing conservatives who paint their faces and travel at night. And Arlen Specter, Susan Collins must follow soon after. If these Senators can't filibuster Samuel Alito or support impeaching George Bush for illegally wiretapping American citizens, how can they be moderates?
The only way to stop the Far Right in the Republican Party is to remove the enablers like Lincoln Chafee and Olympia Snowe at the polls. Unfortunately, many people out there will fall for the "liberal Republican" or "reasonable moderate" scam and actually vote for a Senator who ensures that their values and beliefs in the Senate never see the light of day.

Chaffee - and the other 'moderates' that Big Dave lists in his comments - are the modern version of the Mugwumps, getting no respect from either side. Thus, if a 'conservative' group really is after Chaffee, he gets no succor from the other side either. If Chaffee goes down, will similar fates await Snowe and Collins?

The Moderate Voice offers an explanation which tends to support this idea:

It’s trying to shove people in the center into one of the ideological slots on the right or left. The goal in American politics these days seems less to create broad-based coalitions and win people over than to beat them down. Old fashioned political horse trading has in many cases been replaced by a yearning for intellectual slavery and total obedience.

Funny how 'moderate' blogs didn't have things like this to say until GOP Joe went down in the heat of political battle!

What say you? Are 'moderates' under ideological assault? Or, do we even HAVE any moderates in politics today? Are such assertions as I've presented above indications of wisdom, or of naivete?

I yield the floor.

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