Sunday :: Aug 13, 2006

Gopper Thug Tactics on a Smaller Scale

by Duckman GR

This is how they operate, boys and girls, at all levels. While they smear Ned Lamont, 147,000 some odd Connecticut voters, the Democratic Party, you and I, for supporting al Queda and the Taliban (yes, them too! Funny, I thought we took them out already? Silly me.) they go local too.

You may or may not be familiar with the San Diego Pension Fund Scandal, and scandal it is, here's the latest report, here's another backgrounder, but let me just summarize that the City underfunded its pension fund obligations, in return for promises of big benefits later, in order to fund City operations. Something like that. Oh, and here's a nice article that tells us how this incident demonstrates why we need to privatize Social Security. Leave it to the goppers to turn over all stones.

The City has been frozen out of the bond market because of the scandal and the finance problems associated with it, in part in anticipation of a report from the auditors, KPMG, and headed by Arthur Leavitt. Well, they finally issued the report which damns and whitewashes at the same time, much to the chagrin of San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

Mike has been saying all along that the City and Pension Board are criminally culpable, that they are not cooperating, that we don't know half the truth, even after this report comes out. Mike is, I add, a Democrat, in this supposedly conservative town, a town really run by our version of Big Oil, real estate developers and the Downtown Dobsons Business Crowd.

But why did they do this, you ask? To make San Diego look pretty for the big boys, to get that g-d gopper thug convention here in 1996,

Virtually everyone connected with the 1996 convention looks back fondly on San Diego's first and only taste of America's greatest political circus. It salved a civic ego wounded in 1972, when the Republicans dumped San Diego for Miami Beach.

Securing the 1996 convention was a coup for Golding, who hoped it would boost her 1998 bid for the U.S. Senate, which fizzled.

Yep, there's that 1972 reference neatly tucked into the smear, there's the gopper thug convention, personal power, refurbishing San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium, building Petco ballpark Downtown, all with public dollars, for the benefit of the few, at the expense of the public. Oh yes, did I mention that part of the mess involved (don't ask how, read the report) the sewer system rate payers subsidizing the business communities sewer rates, without their knowledge.

And now we get down to gopper thug tactics 101, smear the opposition without working on a solution. Today there's a long Union Tribune Special Report smearing the duly elected San Diego City Attorney. And why? Because he speaks of responsibility and criminal culpability, not just negligence. Yes, Mike is volatile, has fired people and drives people nuts, and he's probably a hard boss to work for. But he's right on the pension mess, and has been from day one. So what to do? Fix the problems? Clean up the mess? Take responsibility? Oh, silly children, we're all Taliban and hate America and want the terrorists to win.

There's no reason for this article to appear now, Aguirre isn't the star of the report or the problem, he's just the only elected official, besides Donna Frye, interested in trying to clean it up. So smear him they must. And that is gopper thug tactics writ large or small. It's what they do. It's what they are.

It's like a laid back San Diego beach town version of the swift boat liars, and to paraphrase Dianne Feinstein's Campaign Co-chair, "quite frankly, I'm also sick and tired of being called a traitor. And that's the GOP's solution -- calling Democrats traitors."

Only it's not going to work this time.

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