Monday :: Aug 14, 2006

Open Thread

by Mary

On the Media had a several really interesting pieces this week. Two of the pieces I found especially worth listening to were on the Mexican election standoff and on the jailing of a 24 year old blogger.

In regards to the Mexican election, Bob Garfield interviewed Luis Mandoki a Hollywood director, originally from Mexico, who captured on film a number of examples of fraud. Many articles written wonder why Lopez Obrador and his supporters are being so obstinate. What they don't get is that if you actually look at the Mexican election, it is clear that the election was not conducted fairly. Therefore, the people of Mexico are right to demand that they won't just "trust their betters" on the election. They are asking for some legitimate proof. Just as we should be demanding for our elections.

The other story was about how the Feds have locked up blogger, Josh Wolf, because he refuses to turn over his film that he took at an anti-globalization protest where a police car was set on fire. David Carlson, president of the Society of Professional Journalists, told Brooke why he thought this case made it even more important to pass a shield law for anyone doing journalistic work.

What stories are you following?

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