Tuesday :: Aug 15, 2006

Open Thread

by Mary

Via Glenn Greenwald, we find that some people still persist in questioning our great leader.

Bush turned out to be singularly ill-equipped for this task, both by skill and by temperament. His public relations management was curiously hesitant and badly timed, and, of course, his inabilty to speak effectively in public was a gigantic handicap. His temperament, it eventually became clear, was hesitant, overly calculating, timid, and "compassionate."

I'm hoping we can get through the next two years without any major disasters, and then I'm looking to elect a real war leader to the White House - somebody with a warrior's temperament and a leader's skills. George Bush has neither. He is a dangerous failure, and America will be well rid of him.

Hey, Joe? What do you got to say about these people who are undermining the sitting President during the time of war?

Okay, it's your soapbox now.

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