Tuesday :: Aug 15, 2006

Meanwhile, Back in Iraq...

by Mary

People are concerned that there isn't enough understanding about how bad things are in Iraq. They worry that the gang in the Washington refuses to leave FantasyLand long enough to see what is really going on.

As security conditions continue to deteriorate in Iraq, many Iraqi politicians are challenging the optimistic forecasts of governments in Baghdad and Washington, with some worrying that the rosy views are preventing the creation of effective strategies against the escalating violence.

Their worst fear, one that some American soldiers share, is that top officials don't really understand what's happening. Those concerns seem to be supported by statistics that show Iraq's violence has increased steadily during the past three years.

"The American policy has failed both in terms of politics and security, but the big problem is that they will not confess or admit that," said Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish member of parliament. "They are telling the American public that the situation in Iraq will be improved, they want to encourage positive public opinion (in the U.S.), but the Iraqi citizens are seeing something different. They know the real situation."

They are right to be worried because they are dependent on the good judgment of people in Washington who can't deal with reality. And everyone knows, you cannot fix things if you don't believe that anything is wrong.

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