Wednesday :: Aug 16, 2006

Senator Allen to Meet with Indian American Leaders

by Mary

TPM Election Central reports that Senator Allen is going to meet with Indian American leaders to try to smooth out the "misunderstanding." He probably feels compelled to do that because as the Indian Press is reporting, he's been criticized by a number of Indian Organizations for his crude and insensitive remarks.

A commenter on the TPM site asks whether the people Allen is meeting are real representatives of the Indian community in the US or are they the GOP shills. This is a good question because it turns out the shills have already said that they see nothing wrong in Allen's actions.

However, the Indian American Republican Council jumped to Allen's support, saying his Democratic political opponent Jim Webb was using an Indian volunteer in a "demeaning fashion" to garner support for his political campaign.

"We don't believe Senator George Allen was making a reference to the ethnicity of Jim Webb's campaign volunteer. He has apologised for any misunderstanding this statement has caused," IARC Chairman R Vijay said.

One might wonder why if he has apologized for the "misunderstanding", he hasn't bothered to extend that apology personally to Sidarth. But that would take a bigger man than Senator Allen who is ready to attack the little guy to get the crowd aroused.

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