Friday :: Aug 18, 2006

Maybe the Biggest Problem

by Duckman GR

Sure, things may be looking a bit more hopeful, the Congressional trends seem to heading our way, the media might even be starting to get it a bit, people are starting to catch on to the gopper thug tactics and the sheer stupidity of bushco and their ideas and actors.

Well, maybe not everybody. I was thinking while in the shower this morning that Ned Lamont made a big mistake by taking a vacation right after the election. Why shouldn't he, he earned a break, it's only reasonable, right?

Well, since lieberrove started slamming him during his concession speech, maybe Ned should have realized that reasonable isn't operative anymore. Not now, not with this crew of corporate fascists it's not. And the rest of the Democrats need to figure that out as well.

Here's a thought for weekend consideration. Many of us lefties aren't all that concerned with the Politicians particular programs or beliefs, we actually do have a big tent after all, but with pretty much one thing.

Will you fight the insanity and immaturity of the gop and their disastrous actions, or not?

That's why we give so much grief to Feinstein and Biden and why lieberthug got the boot, why Boxer's endorsement of him was so disappointing.

We're in a war for the future of democracy and this nation, against an enemy, yes enemy, with no morals or compunctions to restrain them, no human values to guide them (and don't believe the religiosity, that's a total sham else they wouldn't be so willing and eager to kill and lie), and we can't afford to lose. We can't afford to listen to losers like Shrum and Brazile and From, we need people willing and able to stand up to these criminals and beat them, like Brian Schweitzer or Howard Dean or Russ Feingold.

Better to die fighting free than to live on your knees enslaved to their corporate fascism, enthralled by walmart and exxon, don't you think?

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