Saturday :: Aug 19, 2006

Drugs Flourishing Despite Long War

by paradox

CNN reported Thursday that our failed terrorism mission in Afghanistan has led to another wreck of policy: opium production is up 40% since 2005. Today the New York Times reports coca eradication in Columbia ($4.7 billion) is a total bust with production, price and purity all cruising at record levels.

Of course marijuana flourishes extravagantly as never before, indoor techniques of cloning, hydroponics and breeding creating vast seas of powerful buds hungrily inhaled by a grateful nation. Crank, a seriously nasty cheap amphetamine, has been a growing scourge for years, while those who insist on their drugs appearing legitimate have created a massive synthetic opium underground on illegal prescriptions and doctor shopping.

Alcohol, naturally, continues to be widely consumed, albeit in drastically lower levels than 40-50 years ago.

“The War on Drugs” is simply a war upon ourselves with the greatest casualty the ability to be honest: that pitiful New York Times reporting spends 1,000 words circling around absurd and obvious lies without ever plainly saying so, it’s rankly disgusting.

Please: we’ve lost the war on drugs, it was stupid lying lunacy to ever think we could “fight” this vivid aspect of humanity, and every day we continue in denial hurts our people more.

It’s no big deal to screw up and admit error. Why our public officials can never deal with it is baffling—it’s not exactly a new phenomena of human behavior and the truth is as plain as ever soon enough anyway, yet they’d literally kill our people than simply do it. For all our current momentary success as a species that surely isn’t a long-term positive sign.

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