Saturday :: Aug 19, 2006

Rumdrunk With Power on the Outs?

by Duckman GR

I believe it was this past Thursday morning when I was getting ready for work, watching CNBC, when they had a breaking news alert at the top of the hour, 7:00 am Pacific Time.

Well, actually, it was a photo op of the Criminal in Chief, some other cabinet people I guess, and Rummy sitting right next to him. The Stuttering Head of the Executive Branch was mumbling some praise for the great leadership and contributions of the chief tactical architect for the disaster that is Iraq: rose petals and dancing in the streets and disbanding the only organized and moderately professional force in the country and allowing the looting of the greatest historical treasures of civilization and every government building except for the Oil Ministry of course and did you know that Shiites and Sunni muslims were somewhat antagonistic to each other and held some fundamental differences and you can't fight a war on the cheap, [breath] and I'm thinking, what's this crap? Is he announcing rumdrunks resignation to pursue other business opportunites north south west and east of here? More time with the family?

Well, that was the extent of the "breaking news" from CNBC, and I had to wonder, were they just trying to give bush some good PR for some stupid reason, they do cheerlead the Criminal in Chief quite a bit after all. But the whole bit made no sense whatsoever. Now I'm thinking it was some sort of ploy to keep traitor lieberthug running and attacking Democrats and getting out gop votes in November. Coz if rumdrunk stays, liebertraitor won't be getting that cushy DefSec job will he?

Via Josh Marshall, from Laura Rozen who gets some pretty good scoops and stories about Iraq, posts this:

Has Bush called some people to inquire if they would be willing to replace Rumsfeld? In the past ten days?

Wrong on every aspect of this supposed war in Iraq, his departure won't change anything, except exposing the miserable failure of the "war" in Iraq, and how utterly wrong and utterly incompetent the neo-cons' war vision truly is.

But what it would take to get that to happen, I don't know. Generals have called for his ouster to no avail,

but the White House said it was happy with his work.

Happy? With the monumental clusterfuck in the Middle East, with NATO (Turkey) and Iran both shelling the Kurds, the Taliban resuregnet in Afghanistan, Israels civilian bloodletting in Lebanon, chaos and death in Iraq, yeah, bush has every reason to be happy with rumdrunks work. Because bush seems to love death and destruction, doesn't he.

“I hear the voices, and I read the front page, and I know the speculation,” he said. “But I’m the decider and I decide what’s best.

He reads the front page, of what we don't know, but does he ever turn the page to the rest of the story? And those voices, how does he hear them, like a booming voice in the desert? A crackling buzz inside his brain? A soft whisper at his shoulder? He's the decider, Yikes!!!!

When rover tells him to, then he'll de cider that rumdrunk is done, I guess. Then there'll be Senate Hearings on his replacement. That'll be fun and a nice chance for the DEMOCRATS to EXPOSE the whole Fubar'd WAR.

A chance to FIGHT bushco, Democrats, hope you're getting ready.

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