Monday :: Aug 21, 2006

The People Choose 2006

by eriposte

Dave Johnson at Seeing The Forest has written about a new website (emphasis mine):

...The People Choose 2006...has launched. Go see it! Think of it as a political YouTube for "citizen journalists" -- inviting regular people around the country to submit videos you make about your local Congressional races. Anyone can go to the site and view the videos, and use them on blogs, etc. Some of these will end up broadcast nationally on Dish and DirecTV.

It won't be publicized for a while because there won't be a lot of content yet. You are getting advance notice...You can go upload now. So if you're into making videos, or if you want to see what other people - regular people - have to say about this election, go visit.

With the proliferation of video blogging and video-based citizen journalism, I definitely welcome the addition of People Choose 2006. Dave is directly involved in the new website and he is working with other progressives on it. Make sure you check it out.

As Dave says at TPC:

Instead of old-fashioned broadcasting that follows a top-down model of one-to-many, where you sit and watch a talking head read a script that tells you how it is (whether it is or isn't), this is an open experiment with new technologies that let many-reach-many. More to the point, TPC enables YOU to reach out to many. This may signal the end of the old media attitude of we-tell-you-and-you-listen.
The People Choose 2006 invites you to tell your story, try your hand, work your magic and do your thing using new tools that are enabling, interactive and participatory. You tell your story to the country, on the web and possibly on a national TV network. You talk about what YOU know about. You can show people what is going on where you live. YOU become 'the people in charge.'

Here's a link to a really funny video at The People Choose 2006 (TPC): "Married to the Man".

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