Tuesday :: Aug 22, 2006

California Leads the Way in Solar Power

by Mary

Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill yesterday what will allow California to lead the way in producing solar power.

SACRAMENTO – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday signed a bill that completes his “million solar roofs plan,” a move he says will put California on the cutting edge of renewable energy while also boosting the economy.

The bill and action by the state Public Utilities Commission in January use a rate increase, about $15 a year for the average residential customer, to provide rebates lowering the cost of installing solar panels.

The goal of the $3.2 billion program is to create 3,000 megawatts of clean solar power – or 5 percent of the state's total need – during the next decade, avoid constructing six fossil-fuel power plants and the greenhouse gases they would emit and lower solar costs through mass production.

This is exactly the type of leadership California showed in Wind Energy a couple of decades ago. Now let's see if the market can really make solar energy something that is truly viable. From what I've read, solar can make a difference even in Portland where there isn't quite so much sun. This initiative can help push the costs down so that it becomes viable for a lot more people.

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