Tuesday :: Aug 22, 2006

Election 2006: State of the States Roundup

by eriposte

CA: In CA-11, progressive Democrat Jerry McNerney - who was endorsed by former Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey - is challenging one of most corrupt Republicans in Congress, Richard Pombo. Jerry made a discovery recently. Remember "The Kiss"? We've got a new incarnation - "The Squeeze". Check it out.

CO: In the CO-05 congressional race, war veteran Jay Fawcett (D) picks up major Republican endorsements (new website: RepublicansforFawcett.com). To see why, make sure you read Colorado Confidential and Square State.

CT: Ned Lamont (D) tied with Joe Lieberman (De Facto R) according to two new polls.

MN: Blue Stem Prairie has video from a debate between Gil Gutknecht (R-Bush Rubber Stamp in retreat?) and his Democratic challenger Tim Walz. Gutknecht's staff has been up to no good - as can be seen here.

MO: Roy Temple has an update on Senator Jim Talent (R-Liar) whom Democrat Claire McCaskill is running against. It appears Talent's "phone sex" businessman contributors are going bankrupt.

NJ: One of the major races this year is the one between Democratic Senator Bob Menendez and Republican challenger Tom Kean Jr. Blue Jersey has the latest on the Kean family ethics (or lack thereof).

Finally, make sure you bookmark the AFL-CIO's Political Portal. Absolutely awesome state-based resource for the elections!

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