Wednesday :: Aug 23, 2006

Why we must challenge their lies

by Duckman GR

Pedro is reading a NYT op ed on the SPAN this morning, big surprise, it's an attack against Judge Anna Diggs Taylor for her NSA decision, but he stops short of this nugget bolded below,

And, indeed, the president is not claiming he has powers outside of the Constitution. He isn’t arguing that he’s above the law. He’s making an aggressive argument about the scope of his power under the law.

It is a serious argument, and judges need to take it seriously. If they do not, we ought to wonder why a court gets to decide what the law is and not the president. After all, the president has a sworn duty to uphold the Constitution; he has his advisers, and they’ve concluded that the program is legal. Why should the judicial view prevail over the president’s?

This, of course, is the most basic question in constitutional law, the one addressed in Marbury v. Madison.

I'm not a Constitutional scholar, but this issue has already, and quite rightly so, been decided. The President doesn't, hence the appelation, Executive.

Althouse is both smearing Judge Taylor and espousing this bs unitary executive theory, while offering a nonfactual book review done over summer vacation.

Althouse is a hack, a self inflated narcissist no different than White Supremicist pat buchanan, "[W]e are in the midst of a savage culture war in which traditionalist values have been losing ground for two generations." and hate mongering colter.

As the judge noted, all powers are derived from the Constitution. There are no inherent powers. Unless you inherit them, hence her comment to bush the lesser. bush says all the time that his people have carefully reviewed the law and pronounced his, well cheney's, interpretation legal, why should some activist court review his decisions?

althouse chooses to attack the Judge and her writing style while glossing over the facts, avoiding that question. And to establish her bona fides, in the comments, she claims to have voted for Al Gore, well, I'll bet liebertraitor did too.

Well, here's my answer to the title above.

We don't even need to attack from the left, or the middle - or anywhere on the Political Spectrum. We just need to attack from Reality. Hell, there's ammunition lying on the ground, everywhere you look. And that ammunition is -

The Truth.

If there's one thing the Republicans and their enablers are afraid of, it's The Truth. If there's one issue the Republicans don't want to have to run on, it's The Truth. "Demonizing" Republicans isn't even necessary - all we have to do is TELL THE TRUTH - the truth will show them for the demons they are. Tell the Truth - Republicans can't stand that. They will run from it like vampires from sunshine.

That's why.

In politics, you're guilty until proven innocent. If we say, for instance - in a unified, uniform, unblinking way - that the Bush administration has been spying on political enemies, the Republicans have no good responses. Never mind that they will say, "Well, we don't do that." And we'll say, "Why are you spying on political enemies?" And they'll say, "We don't spy on political enemies." And we'll say, "We know you're spying on political enemies - just like Nixon," and they'll have nowhere to go. And so we repeat that meme, louder and more often: JUST LIKE NIXON. And again, they'll have nowhere to go with that - there's no good response that won't raise more questions and add more validity to the charge. There is no way they can defend against a relentless onslaught of that, unless they're willing to open up the NSA program (and every freaking other illegal COINTELPRO program that they're running) to scrutiny. Which they're not.

And why aren't they? Simple: Because Republicans cannot withstand revelation of The Truth. This administration has buried, hidden, run from, destroyed and otherwise tried to deny The Truth since before it took office, and for good reason: When The Truth gets out about Republicans, They. Lose.

We need to make statements of fact that, in order to refute, would require the Bush administration and the Republicans to reveal The Truth. It's not our job to fact-check them - hell, the President doesn't have to - just to pound them into the consciousness of the American voting public. How do we do that? By acting as if they are true, and demanding that Republicans answer for them.

Get it, Democrats? Fight, fight, FIGHT.

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