Thursday :: Aug 24, 2006

Osama Scores Another Plane-Field Touchdown

by pessimist

If the Bu$hCo 'War On Terrah' were a football game, Osama would be the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers while Bu$hco would be the Prairie View Panthers. Osama is well on his way to matching the worst American football defeat in our history, having scored several times with our compliance.

The latest Al Qaeda score made while Osama is on defense happened on a Northwest Orient flight to Mumbai just the other day. Once notified of the possibility of a threat, the plane returned to Amsterdam, where Dutch investigators released all twelve 'terrists' detained after no threat was discovered.

Osama's team might as well sit on the bench and watch us defeat ourselves without any opposition on the field. Al Jazeera will just loop a tape of Osama shaking his fist at The White House on the Jumbotron and the Bu$hCo offense will fumble the ball behind their own goal line.

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