Saturday :: Aug 26, 2006

Bush's Iranian Futility

by Steve

Here’s a discussion question for this morning. With both Russia and China signaling that they will oppose any UN sanctions against Iran at the Security Council (surprise, surprise!), John Bolton will proceed with assembling his own group of sanctioning countries outside of the UN to impose economic and political sanctions upon Tehran.

Here are several questions for you to weigh in on:

1. Would the administration go this route if they still planned military action?

2. Doesn’t even the discussion of this course of action underline America's impotence at the UN and show our true weakness on the world stage?

3. Why would a country join this “Sanction-Lite” group after the UN rejected international sanctions?

4. Wouldn’t any country that joined our sanction party be clearly tarred in the Islamic world as an extension of the Bush Administration and suffer its own repercussions?

5. How can any country that has troops in Iraq or plans to have troops in Lebanon be a part of the Bush Administration’s sanction party and not pay a price?

Your thoughts please on this bit of foreign policy brilliance from the Bush Administration A-Team.

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