Monday :: Aug 28, 2006

What Happened to Us?

by paradox

For those who watch the media bloviating urging attack of Iran was notched up last week, merely signaling another necessary progression of the attack evolution in the prelude for pulling the final trigger. Whether that trigger will actually be pulled is a matter of intense debate and speculation, but just the existence of the issue at all reveals a profound national psychosis.

The US currently faces urgent fiscal, domestic and international crises of the highest possible magnitude: deficit, New Orleans, and Iraq, along with secondary issues that demand all our long-term attention and resources, such as energy/global warming, education, international relations, tax reform, racism, voting reform, and civil rights.

What does our “leadership” constantly float as our next move? Attacking Iran for developing a nuclear weapon (while we coddle the rank proliferator Pakistan) they will actually possess in ten years. Currently the Iranians have done nothing to anyone. Nothing.

This…is…insanity. The country is sick, as ill as any serial murderer, simply by presenting the idea of attacking Iran. It’s not hyperbole in the least—that’s precisely how we label murdering humans running amuck, killing those among us who have done nothing to anyone. The psychotically sick among us call it “preventive war.”

How did we get to this incredible place? How did we get so ill? What happened to us?

After WWII the US abandoned its extremely wise practice of having no standing armies. The result has been an utterly disastrous, obscenely expensive military-industrial complex that has spawned war after disastrous war. The resulting militarism is breathtaking in its scope: the USMC, for instance, has a bigger air force than the United Kingdom.

All that incredible treasure should have been invested in the country—with just half of it the United States would be Eden right now. We are hated and despised all over the globe for being lying bloodthirsty war crime killers, the Executive has been elevated grossly out of proportion, we’re seriously in debt, and the leadership, incredibly, got used to lying to the populace to kill its sons and daughters, it’s happened two generations in a row now.

One of the most charismatic politicians of all time, Bill Clinton, chose the “triangulation” path of embracing GOP ideals of trade, deficit reduction, and fake liberalism in the ‘90’s. The result was eight years of excellent moderate Republican administration, but unfortunately it also crippled the mindset and tactics of the far, far less charismatic Democratic chumps left behind and wasted eight years of opportunity to build a liberal party.

When the Republican Freaks (Krugman and Kissinger correctly label them revolutionaries, trying to eliminate the constitution and America) lead by Dick Cheney stole their way to power in 2000 these hapless Democratic chumps simply rolled over and totally failed to oppose. After 9/11 the capitulation was utterly complete and as of this second the Democratic party is in ruins. Retired generals frantically plea for no war with Iran, while silence is the response from the non-existent political force called the Democratic Party.

[This is in no sense a condemnation for future party prospects or a rejection in any sense, I am still a proud Democracy Bond holder. It’s simply an accurate description of what happened.]

All along a brilliantly cajoling, spinning, distracting and finally outright lying corporate media degraded year after year from a not-so-great starting place (the media horribly failed in Vietnam and Watergate) into a full fledged propaganda organ. Orwell has become reality—after the run-up to Iraq war and coddling of Bush (Downing Street Memo, NSA) there is no doubt at all, the United States has completely lost the ability to tell the truth to itself or others as it commits crime after crime, domestically and internationally.

Organically a frantic political movement by ordinary citizens, blogging, has grown on the world wide web to try and spread the truth and counter the propaganda, but the results are still inconclusive.

There isn’t any mechanism for accountability from the press, a fatal condition that the Founders emphatically tried to prevent with the first amendment. Every day this reality exists the country gets sicker and sicker, and it can easily completely die.

Believe it—Billmon thinks Cheney and Bush are still extremely serious about using nuclear weapons against Iran, he believes Sy Hersh. If that reality does in fact occur hell will be upon us, endless hatred, war and revenge our future, the eternal stain of nuclear crime to always be with us. The psychotic United States on the killing loose again, dreaded and actively undermined everywhere, fear and death our constant companions.

I pray our Generals can somehow stop this and the Democratic party takes Congress in November. With just those two factors accomplished there is still a great deal of hope for a bright, happy future full of promise. The human condition has fully recovered after far, far worse circumstances, we can stop the sickness that has overtaken the United States.

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