Monday :: Aug 28, 2006

Avoiding The Scene Of His Crimes

by Steve

Reuters photo of Bush showing his concern for New Orleans – by visiting soldiers in Mississippi today.

At a time when nearly two-thirds of those polled in a recent AP poll still disapprove of Bush’s handling of Katrina, the White House resorted to the usual set of photo ops to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Bush’s criminal negligence.

He visits soldiers and a boat builder in Mississippi. He avoids visiting with real people on the streets of New Orleans, and instead shelters himself tonight with supportive elected officials in a controlled setting. And then he’s off tomorrow to raise money in Arkansas and Tennessee. That is the sum total of Bush’s attempt to check in on how badly he has failed the people of New Orleans. By the way, what happened to that renewed concern Bush proclaimed for poverty in this country?

Don't smile ladies; he'll be shipping your asses out to Iran soon enough.

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