Tuesday :: Aug 29, 2006

Rummy: Opponents Are Appeasing Islamic Fascism, Morally Confused

by Steve

Image courtesy of Billmon, idea from commenter biggerbox

The man who gave us “Curveball”, the Jessica Lynch scam, lied to us about Iraq’s WMDs, ignored warnings about occupying Iraq, and sent too few soldiers to do the job will tell the American Legion today that critics of the Iraq war suffer from “moral and intellectual confusion.” Just yesterday, this same hypocrite lamented how our enemies are able to manipulate the media to tell untruths.

But continuing on with a Rovian language campaign of tarring all opponents as supporters of Islamic fascism, Rummy will smear opponents today as appeasers of such fascism. He wouldn’t be doing this without White House approval, and Democrats need to understand that Rove has brought back a “Tier One/Tier Two” campaign, whereby Bush will try and stay above such caustic attacks and let others like Rummy and Cheney smear their opponents in the gutter of a Tier Two effort.

Rummy, look in the mirror before you accuse anyone else of moral confusion. But if you want to introduce morality and intelligence into the Iraq debate less than three months before the midterms, the Democrats should hammer his ass every day on the immorality behind this administration’s war. Democrats should open a debate about who really is confused and misguided here, and who it was that delivered this debacle onto our country.

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