Wednesday :: Aug 30, 2006

The Wheels Are Squeeking

by pessimist

KKKarl has a big problem on his hands - he's losing young males.

Yesterday, some of the younger GOC(CA)R [Good Orange County (CA) Republicans) began to discuss what a bad president George is. They did this on their own, unprompted. (My views are already well-known, and I didn't begin the conversation.) This alone tells me that KKKarl is slipping.

They touched on topics in their brief conversation that have to make the White House nervous this fall - Iraq (the war George lied us into), the economy (gas prices suck, man!), the decline in the fortunes of the middle class, etc.

But the one topic that seemed to be the one they all agreed on was that the GOP was no better than the Democrats. They don't feel that either party is taking care of the issues which concern them. Each party is seen as corrupt and only looking out for themselves.

One participant, who is a tad more radical than the rest, suggested that every incumbent needs to be ousted and replaced with independents. No one disagreed in principle, but the topic of conversation veered onto the topic of how you accomplish that. Some mentioned vote fraud, others brought up the Captive Corporate Media, indicating that they are aware of the manipulations that threaten their vote. They are growing more aware that the Will of The People is being ignored.

The growing political awareness in these younger men (most of them around 30) at the time of the year when football gets going again has to be seen as significant. Normally, politics isn't something they readily discuss, usually changing the topic to something less controversial as quickly as they can. But now, with the serious things they are beginning to notice, politics has taken on a new importance - maybe for the first time in their lives - and they are discussing a variety of views. They are no longer in KKKarl's lockstep.

I plan on watching the development of this awareness. I might even prod it along a little if I find topics that resonate with them.

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