Wednesday :: Aug 30, 2006

The Bush doctrine of ignorance

by soccerdad

The Bush doctrine of ignorance is the title of an article by Leonard Pitts Jr.

He notes that John Kennedy was the first TV president in that he was the first to understand the power of TV and to use it.

Forty-six years later, I submit to you that we are undergoing a similarly seismic moment in presidential communication: George W. Bush is the first Information Age president.

.......While Kennedy used television to expand presidential influence, Bush has controlled information toward a more dubious end: the curtailment of that great threat to imperial power, the informed electorate.

Mr Pitts then summarizes the story from last week that stated that the Bush administration has been reclassifying information that has been in the public domain for many years.
....We're talking about information our government long ago deemed innocuous enough to provide even to its former enemy, the Soviet Union.

And now — "now!" — we're supposed to believe it's suddenly so sensitive it has to be classified Top Secret? Please.

This is a classic case of locking the barn after the horse has escaped — and died of old age. More to the point, it is a classic and absurd example of the present regime's mania for secrecy, its obsessive need to control what, when, how and why you and I learn about its activities.

Anyone who doesn't see a pattern here has not been paying attention. From its 18-hour blackout of news that the vice president had shot a man, to its paying a newspaper columnist to write favorable pieces, to its habit of putting out video press releases disguised as TV news, to its penchant for stamping top secret on anything that doesn't move fast enough, this administration has repeatedly shown contempt for the right of the people to know what's going on. At a time when information is more readily available than ever, this government is working like 1952 to enforce ignorance.

Mr Pitt's conclusion is right on target
It's not just information they're trying to control

American democracy is eroding in front of our eyes, the result of a torrent of secrecy, propagada, and lies. Come on people wake the f**k up!!!

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