Wednesday :: Aug 30, 2006

Three Quick Items

by paradox

Where’s Hillary? On August 28th our dear war felon Rumsfeld went to Nevada to get belligerent, showing those weenie Democrats what real Republican testicles can do when it’s time to get serious about blowing up children for nothing. It was classic disgusting bullying, instantly recognized by Digby, a throwing down of the masculine killer security gauntlet for the 2006 election season.

The only reason war felon Rumsfeld even thinks about such incredible behavior was the Democratic reaction to it: far as I know, only Harry Reid actively hit back and got the fight public.

To those who pay no attention to politics it’s assumed that Hillary Clinton is now the de facto leader of the Democratic party. It’s true. Somehow it's just assumed that the 2008 crowd lining up for the nomination, incredibly, won’t fight back on this.

Peter Daou, you can pass on to your boss this is the last time I’ll let her get away with that. For starters I’ll humiliate her in my blog post title so millions of rss readers will skewer her right then, one won’t even have to read it, and I’ll really use my knife skills for that post, it won’t be a first draft on the fly sling like this, oh no.

I figure a blogosphere brother earned a little warning. That’s all he and that fucking campaign gets.


It’s long been known that journalists are dismayingly immature, ego-besodden, gullible food and booze gluttons. Terrible pay, hard work, travel and disgustingly cheap expense budgets make our little lemmings easily collared scribes at the free open bar. Thanks to Atrios for the Carlson link, a man I seriously despise and thought was incapable of publishing the truth in any form.

If you had to run a campaign, what would the decision on budget be for the press food and booze? After thinking about it too long I regretfully decided I’d give the craven, semi-desperate, hard-drinking media whores all the food and booze they want. All the way, baby, lobster, smoked salmon, filet mignon, champagne, free open bar.

It works. Play to win.


Sad times at Ford, very sad times. High gas prices have crushed sales, for a long time ago Ford turned into a light truck company that pretended to make cars. With our dear war felons setting the middle east ablaze Ford will likely be seriously dimmed forever.

I own a F-150 half ton supercrew, for guys in my family always have a truck. In other times I’d be delirious with this awesome hauling and towing machine (no 4 wheel drive, it’s a truck), but now it’s a security risk and a carbon pig. I also own a Honda, and it’s not from the technology I can tell Ford is going down, it’s the human energy at the dealerships.

I got both carbon-spewing, middle-east addicting, horribly expensive, extremely dangerous machines serviced this summer. The Honda dealership hummed and frantically scurried with polished professionalism, even calling me later to check all was well, while Ford sadly stumbled and slowly cranked along, competent but grossly outclassed in the human commitment to what they were doing.

I liked owning an America truck. Last one I’ll ever own (American or truck). Times do change, it’s for the best, I’m sure, but there’s something about that F-150 I’ll miss in my driveway forever, part of America that should not have been left to whither.

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